Symposium and Roundtable Discussion, Uppsala University, 7 October 2016.

Changing Epistemologies and Life

This public symposium gathered a group of internationally renowned anthropologists with long-time affiliations to the Department of Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology, Uppsala University.

In building on the scholarly work and academic legacy of retiring Professor Hugh Beach, symposium participants accepted to revisit anthropological epistemologies of ethnicity-related phenomena and/or the topic of human-animal-nature-culture relations. In tandem with the contributions of the symposium speakers, a public roundtable discussion was organized, with academics and activists, reflecting Professor Hugh Beach’s many years of involvement with applied anthropology.

Download the symposium program here.

Symposium Speakers:

Dmitriy Funk
Professor and Chair, Department of Ethnology, Moscow State University.
Talk/title: “Where Do Spirits Re-Settle? Extractive Industries and New Spiritual Landscapes in South Siberia.”
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Michael Jackson
Distinguished Professor of World Religions, Harvard Divinity School.
Talk/title: “The Interplay of Coming Out and Going in: Sensoriality, Affect, and Intuition in Warlpiri Art” 
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Don Kulick 
Distinguished University Professor of Anthropology, Uppsala University. 
Talk/title: “Human-Animal Communication”
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Piers Vitebsky
Head of Anthropology and Russian Northern Studies at the Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge University.
Talk/title: “Living without the dead: changing forms of loss and redemption.”
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Helga Ögmundardottir
Senior Lecturer, School of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Island.
Talk/title: “An Anthropologist (lost?) in the Interdisciplinary Space of Climate Change and Research.” 
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Tim Ingold
Professor and Chair in Social Anthropology, Un. of Aberdeen.
Talk/title: “On the Expression of Difference and the Language of Similarity” 
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Roundtable on "Indigenous Rights in Context"

Lars-Anders Baer, Sami politician and activist, Chairman of Barents Euro-Arctic Council, former board member of UN Permanent Forum for Indigenous Issues. Jokkmokk.
Ellacarin Blind, Works with cultural and social issues at The National Association of the Sámi People in Sweden, SSR, Umeå.
Maxida Märak, Artist and activist. Jokkmokk/Stockholm.
Krister Stoor, Associate Professor, Researcher and Senior Lecturer at the Department for
Language Studies, Umeå University, yoiker/musician. Umeå.
Hugh Beach, Professor of Ethnology, particularly non-European, Uppsala University. 

Roundtable part 1: Introduction Roundtable

Roundtable part 2: Sami and Anthropology

Roundtable part 3: Sami in Scandinavia

Roundtable part 4: Sami and International Coalitions

Roundtable part 5: Gender and Sami

Roundtable part 6: Extractivism and Sami Rights

Roundtable part 7: Truth Commissions/Compensations and Sami Rights

Roundtable part 8: Sami in Space and Time

Roundtable part 9: Sami, Science, and Contemporary Challenges