Department of
Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology

Minor Field Study spring 2015. For more info in Swedish click image.
Minor Field Study spring 2015. For more info in Swedish click image.
Film Screening in the Geijer-hall, Engelska Parken, Monday 30 March at 19. Click on the image.
Peter Geschiere lectures on "Witchcraft, Intmacy and Trust" on Friday 10 April at 10. Click on the image
SANT 2015, April 17-19 - Click on image for more info
SANT 2015, April 17-19 - Click on image for more info


The Department is located at Campus Engelska Parken, Thunbergsvägen 3H, Uppsala. Welcome!

The weekly Research Seminar in Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology links Campus Gotland (Visby) and Campus Engelska Parken (Uppsala) together

The Uppsala Perspective

The Department of Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology offers a lively environment for higher education and research. The disciplines of Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology represent different research traditions and educational trajectories in terms of thematic and regional focus. But the two disciplines also collaborate, for instance, in our joint basic level programme entitled Culture, Society and Ethnography, and in master courses, as well as in specific research activities.

Research undertaken in several continents has become our hallmark. The department offers a warm and promising atmosphere in close connection to ongoing research and societal engagement. Our two sister disciplines are committed to community involvement and have long experience dealing with the needs of international students.

We organise our work in research groups and focus areas. In addition, the departments hosts several inter-disciplinary research initiatives, including Forum for Africa Studies, School Forum, and the Good City.


Student Association Etnograferna

Our newly started Student Association Etnograferna is open to staff and students, as well as anthropologists and ethnologists working outside academia. The Association organises activities and events on a regular basis.

Internationally high standard

Among the principal foci of the complementary disciplines forming our Department of anthropology and ethnology are changing identities and  multiculturalism, leading to questions concerning political ecology  and globalisation which in their turn impinge upon social and political organisation. The ambition of the anthropological and  ethnological research in Uppsala is that it should not only be theoretically innovative and informed, but also have an impact on  social practices at the local level.


The Uppsala Perspective

With research conducted in quite different regional areas ranging from  West Africa and the circumpolar rim (anthropology) to mainly urban areas in Sweden (ethnology), different research groups and individual scholars have pursued a broad spectrum of questions with relevance to social change, development, conflict, exclusion and vulnerability.

The Uppsala perspective of anthropology and ethnology with its regional and methodological specialisations amounts to a truly humanistic approach.


KOF11: "An Internationally High Standard"

An Overall Evaluation of Research at Uppsala University on Quality and Renewal 2011 (KOF11) has been conducted and recently presented to the Vice Chancellor. The disciplines of Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology get very positive assessments. The report can be downloaded here, the department's research is discussed on the pages 223-6.

The previous Evaulation (KOF07) can be downloaded here.