Research Node Cultural Heritage

Cultural heritage studies is today a growing field of scholarly studies at many universities. Four departments cooperate in making a platform for talks on scholarship of cultural heritage and conservation. On Campus Gotland, located within the Hanseatic Town of Visby, a World Heritage site, research is carried out especially in two thematic areas:

  • production of cultural heritage, including uses of heritage, heritage politics, uses of history
  • management and development of cultural heritage values

The first theme, production of cultural heritage, deals with issues of how cultural heritage is negotiated by way of processes of selection, identification and use, the actors involved and the different contexts they act within. How is cultural heritage used, and what are the consequences socially of designating something as heritage?

Within the second theme, management and development, the way in which cultural heritage is valued and how historic environments are affected by different kinds of measures and policies are dealt with. Urban planning, renovation, new construction, legislation, trade with objects and international perspectives on cultural heritage are identified within this theme.