About us

The Department of Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology

We conduct education and research on many of the complex contexts that characterize today's globalized world.

The department has about forty employees - teachers, researchers and administrative staff. The activities largely consist of research and have two world-leading research environments - Engaging Vulnerability and Uppsala University's Forum for African Studies - which house professors, researchers, postdocs and several doctoral students.

The department provides teaching as first, second and PhD cycle studies in the subjects cultural anthropology and ethnology on two campuses - Campus Engelska parken in Uppsala and Campus Gotland in Visby which is located on Sweden's largest island Gotland. We have:

  • a Bachelor's programme in Culture, Society and Ethnography. Language of instruction is Swedish;
  • Master's programmes -  in Cultural Anthropology and in Ethnology;
  • and about fifty freestanding courses.

We also teach on the Master's Programme in Sustainable Destination Development, with our courses Cultural and Natural Heritage and Sustainable Cultural and Natural Heritage Destinations.

Every academic year, we receive about 450 students who take one or more courses at the first and second cycle studies. We teach mostly on campus, but some of our ethnology courses are distance learning. Just as our research follows current developments, we work continuously to improve and keep our courses current and relevant.

Last modified: 2023-03-21