The Anthropologist Emy Lindberg sitting in front of a screen with the words: "The Project"

PhD Studies

After a master's dregree, you can apply for PhD Studies. PhD candidates carry out a research project under supervision and at the end of the studies you will present a dissertation. 

PhD Studies at the department

The PhD studies in both Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology at Uppsala University is part of the activities supported by the Faculty of Arts. The Faculty Board allocates the economic resources to different disciplines and research areas.

Four years with a scholarly approach

The PhD studies correspond to four years’ full-time study (comprises 240 higher education credits) and lead to the PhD degree. The curriculum is based coursework, seminar participation, fieldwork and thesis writing. Its purpose is to stimulate the doctoral student towards a scholarly approach that involves conducting scholarly reasoning in texts as well as in joint discussions, formulating critical questions, identifying and applying methods and theories for dealing with problems and developing the individual dissertation topic.

One of the aims of PhD studies is to familiarize doctoral students with scholarly traditions and, above all, to make them develop into independent and critical researchers. During their education the doctoral students are expected to reach an in-depth level in their subject in order to arrive at the frontlines within their research area.

PhD handbook

The PhD programs in cultural anthropology and ethnology are detailed in the department’s PhD handbook (pdf. rev. autumn 2021). In here, the general syllabuses in cultural anthropology (appendix 1) and ethnology (appendix 2, in Swedish only) list, among other things, requirements, eligibility, and mandatory course work.

For more information on research education, please contact the Director of Studies, 3rd Cycle.

Last modified: 2023-01-30