Doing internship

Students are encouraged to do internship within the program. You can do either a five or ten weeks’ internship in Sweden or elsewhere. You arrange with this yourself and you may get some financial aid from for instance the Erasmus+ program.

Photo by Alexander Maxia

Alexander Maxia is doing an Erasmus+ internship within the master program in cultural anthropology

I started doing anthropology as a blogger when I first went to Uppsala as an Erasmus exchange student. My idea was to write and share with people my impressions of Sweden comparing them to the two countries I’ve previously lived in: Italy and England.

When I returned to Uppsala for my masters in Cultural Anthropology I was naturally attracted to public anthropology and for me there is no better way to engage a broader audience beyond academia than with making videos. After expressing this interest of mine to my program director he recommended me to contact the ‘Visual Cultural Studies’ department in the university of Tromsø as they are world leaders in the field of making anthropological documentaries. After contacting them I then applied to the International office for an Erasmus+ internship scholarship so that I could work on projects within the department and by doing that learn how to take and edit videos. A few months later I was on the plane heading to Lapland to start my exchange. 

In the next few months I will be conducting filming exercises with the university’s equipment, learning editing techniques and working on putting together a documentary with my supervisor using material he previously filmed on the field. Meeting people from around Europe, discovering a new place and culture together with the learning experience I will gain makes this a choice I would strongly recommend doing to anyone with similar interests.

Alexander Maxia

Last modified: 2023-03-08