International Master Programme in Cultural Anthropology

The MA in Cultural Anthropology is an international degree programme taught in English. The programme is offered by the Department of Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology.

Our programme is set in an international environment with approximately half of the students in the programme originating from outside Sweden. This rich diversity contributes to the vitality of the educational experience. Classrooms are small and group work often follows lectures to engage actively in the readings and related topics.

The two-year MA degree (120 credits) includes courses at the department and offers elective courses from other departments and even neighboring institutions. Students are required to carry out fieldwork and write a thesis (45 credits). Students are also encouraged to do an academic internship for five or 10 weeks (7.5-15 credits).

The first semester is preplanned to give you time to settle in. Four mandatory courses are scheduled. You will also spend time designing your research project. The next three semesters are more flexible to let you specialize and select courses that suit your research focus. During semesters 2-4, in addition to courses, you will carry out fieldwork for approximately two months and work on your thesis under guidance of your supervisor. Many students also take advantage of stimulating international student exchanges and internships.

To foster a sense of community and continuity, all master students from both years are required to participate in the monthly master seminar. This open forum serves to give students insight and inspire and guide one another even if at very different stages in the programme.

We admit students once annually. Applications are accepted from early autumn and the application closes mid-January. You apply through the official programme page where you will find more detailed information about the programme as well as information about the requirements to apply to this two year program, but also to our one year program.

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In cooperation with the department’s PhD programme and the Engaging Vulnerability research program, we also offer combined masters and PhD courses that are multi-disciplinary and thematic. See past courses

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