Master Theses in Cultural Anthropology, 2005-2011

Below is a list of theses successfully defended at the department between 2005 and 2011. Some may be available in DiVA (ISSN 1653-2244).

1. Levin, Ulf: Mayaness Through Time: Challenges to ethnic identity and culture from the past to modernity, June 2005

2. Berg, Angelica: Oligarkins järnlag – om demokrati i en frivilligorganisation, juni 2005

3. Tjernström, Hanna: Parents Wishes and Children‟s Lives – Where Does the Education Lead? Social Change among Young People in West-Central Tanzania, June 2005

4. Hajo, Sirin: En länk till Gud i cd-format? Om qawwalimusiken i rörelse och globaliseringskrafter, januari 2005

5. Blum, Rebecca: Service or Violence? Or A Violent Service: A fieldwork based study on change in attitudes towards the use of force within the South African Police Service analysed using the community concept, September 2005

6. Molin, John: The Past Is Present: Archeological sites and identity formation in Southern Africa, September 2005

7. Kristek, Gabriela: „We Are New People Now‟ – Pentecostalism as a means of ethnic continuity and social acceptance among the Wichí of Argentina, September 2005

8. Frykman, Carina: The Power of Waste: A Study of Socio-Political Relations in Mexico City's Waste Management System, January 2006

9. Bjarnesen, Jesper: Waves of Relief: An Ethnography of Humanitarian Assistance to Post-Tsunami Sri Lanka, January 2006

10. Emilsson, Malin: A Place Made out of Music: An online field study of a forum for record collectors, May 2006

11. Hellman, Erik, Battle over Reality: Medical Culture and Beyond. Report from San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala, May 2006

12. Molina, Natalia, Collected Objects, Hidden Cultures: Colombian indigenous people in a Swedish ethnographical collection, September 2006

13. Spasenič, Jelena, Tiden i Timglas: En studie om politiskt sanningssägande i Serbien, september 2006

14. Svenfelt, Carina, Going to University, Learning on Campus: On the experiences of being university student and young in today‟s Syria, September 2006

15. Amankwaah, Clementina, Negotiating Culture: Tradition and Modernity in Elite Ghanaian Secondary Schools, December 2006

16. Sundberg, Molly, Filtering through „The White Paper‟: Conceptions of Cultural Sameness and Difference at Two Orphanages in Post-Apartheid South Africa, June 2007

17. Rosen, Franciska, At the Crossroads of Subsistence Farming and Development Initiatives: Gender and Organizational Culture among the Ovambos, Namibia, June 2007

18. Lundberg, Arvid, Memory and Imagination of Palestine, December 2007

19. Rasmussen, Annika, Om det personliga är politiskt – är sexuella praktiker offentliga? BDSM-utövare och det sexuella medborgarskapet, February 2009

20. Morton, Andrew, Accounting for Difference: Is there an “Indian” Psychiatry?, June 2009

21. Jennische, Ulrik, Civil Society and Political Debate among Drivers and Traders in Urban Ghana: The Koforidua Central Market and Taxi Station, September 2009

22. Bergander, Katrina, The Reality of Dirt: Perceptions of cleanliness, dirtiness and garbage in Kléla, a rural town in Mali, January 2010

23. Bergquist, Angela Alcalá, Parallel Perspectives: Children and adolescents in street situation in Colombia – their own views and that of their helpers, January 2010

24. Karlsson, Rebecca, She Walks With a Man: Perception and Practice of Honour Amongst Women in Egypt, June 2010

25. Baruffol, Sofia, Institutionalization and Industrialization of Organic Farming in Sweden and in France: Organic farmers between quest for authenticity and economic sustainability, June 2010

26. Rahbek, Lisa, BIOPOLITICS ON BIRTH: Experiences on Biopolitical use of Biomedicine in the Pregnancy and Birthing Arena. A Case Study from León, Nicaragua, June 2010

27. Andersson, Erika, Israeli Peace Activists; Discourse, Action and Attitudes, September 2010

28. Emitslöf, Josefin, Promises of Beach: Toursi(e)scapes, Development and Social Navigation on Lamu Island, Kenya, June 2011

29. Lindström, Josefine, House of Memories: Tourism and Local Livelihoods on a World Heritage of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, June 2011

30. Thompson, Robert Benjamin, Out of the Frying Pan, into the Freezer: Anthropological Perspectives of the Experiences and Challenges facing Sweden's growing Immigrant Population, June 2011

31. Tistedt, Lisa, Paradoxes of Doing Good in Africa: An Exploration of Identity and Power in International Volunteering in Kenya, June 2011

32. Thews, Astrid, Imaginations of Egypt and Egyptians in a Private Arabic Language Center in Greater Cairo: Cosmopolitan Imaginations of Others and Selves, September 2011

33. Harada, Yuko, The Song of Peace: Ethnicity, Development and Gender in Warfare and Peace among Gabra Camel Pastoralists in Northern Kenya, September 2011