Research Seminar spring 2018

Research Seminar in Cultural Anthropology & Ethnology

Day and time: Wednesdays at 14.15-16.00 (if not otherwise stated)
Venue: Uppsala: 3-2028; Visby: B10
Video conference: Facilities available for all seminars
Language(s): Swedish or English; follows the program
Texts: Texts to be discussion is to be circulated one week before the seminar; the texts should be sent to the two seminar organizer
Seminar Organizers: Ella Johansson ( and Don Kulick (
Post seminar: Organized by the presenter/s

January 10
All day Kick off

January 17
Project applications seminar. Volunteers/applicants organize.

January 19
Karin Aras: In Swedish Dissertation “Ljudrum - En musiketnologisk studie om ljud och lyssnande som kulturell praktik”. Room to be announced.

January 25
Göran Nygren: In Swedish Final seminar

February 7

February 21

March 7
Jonna Katto, Helsinki University: Female Soldiers, Corporeal Identities, and Gendered Styles of Being in Northern Mozambique.

March 21
Emy Lindberg: Part of Dissertation, Method Chapter

April 4
School Holiday Easter. Course for Supervisors, a. m.    

April 11
Time 13-15 Annett Saswari: PhD-defence. 

April 18
Swaminathan Ramanathan: “Girlfriends are Complicated, My Doll Never Complains”: The Emerging Community of Digisexuals in Mumbai

April 19-21
SANT/FAS 2018 Conference: Vulnerabilities in Uppsala

May 2
Susann Baez Ullberg: Manuscript on the Västmanland forest fire.

May 4 (Friday)
Anna Baral: PhD-defence

May 16
Claudia Merli: Whole Body Donation and Dissection: The Return of Public Anatomies as Democratic Spectacles

May 30
Nika Rasmussen: Part of dissertation

34th Nordic Ethnology and Folklore Conference in Uppsala.

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