Nadia Lovell: "Bad Death and the Blood of Christ"

  • Datum: –12.00
  • Plats: Engelska parken - Eng3-2028; Campus Gotland (video)
  • Arrangör: Institutionen för kulturantropologi och etnologi
  • Kontaktperson: Susann Baez Ullberg, Don Kulick
  • Seminarium

Forskningsseminariet i kulturantropologi

(OBS! Ersätter tidigare annonserat seminarium med Keir Martin, Sosialantropologisk institutt, Universitetet i Oslo)

Nadia Lovell, PhD in Social Anthropology, Uppsala University: "Bad Death and the Blood of Christ: Bodies and Resurrected Spirits in Vodhun and Christianity"

Death is a potent source of inspiration feeding human desire, spiritual power, and the imagination. As such, death is associated with tangible facts, ie the physical event per se, but is also linked to more spiritual ideas and practices which sustain religious affiliations. In the context of fieldwork conducted both in southern Togo and Ghana, it became clear that death takes on a powerfully political dimension, serving to fuel conflicts between various religious groupings whose allegiances and divisions retrace not only the history of ancestors and ethnic allegiances, but also that of a colonial past. The paper provides a means of understanding how the various religious discourses surrounding Vodhun and Christianity are articulated around notions of death, spiritual continuity, and conflict.