”Megaprojekt” nominated for book award


Svenskt projektforum has nominated and awarded the prize to Project Manager's Book of the Year 2022. The jury assesses how current the books are, how easy they are to absorb and if they add something new. Susann Baez Ullbergs et al. book was one of the nominees.

The book Megaprojekt: Kritiska perspektiv på storskalig infrastruktur [Megaprojects: Critical Perspectives on Large Scale Infrastructures] edited by the anthropologists Susann Baez Ullberg and Gabriella Körling, and published by SSAG the Swedish Association for Anthropologists and Geographers in 2021 was nominated to the Annual Project Leader Award 2022 by the Swedish project management association Svenskt Projektforum.


Last modified: 2023-11-28