Next episode about Cairo


Part two in the Swedish podcast Staden is released, with anthropologist Carl Rommel focusing on Cairo.

The department's anthropologist Carl Rommel specializes in contemporary Egypt. He has guided the Swedish arcitecture podcast Staden through Cairo in two episodes and talked about his research work Egypt as a Project: Dreamwork and masculinity in a projectized society (in Swedish: Egypten som Projekt: Drömarbete och maskulinitet i ett projektifierat samhälle). Part two of the podcast is now released, focusing on how the everyday life of the ordinary Cairo citizen can be organized and how the small projects that so many devote themselves to can become a haven from the city's devastating lack of direction. Part 1 was released in the end of 2022 and focused on the New Towns project that the military is building in the desert and about the informal neighborhoods that are growing piece by piece on Cairo's agricultural lands.


Last modified: 2023-11-28