Our new colleague Kajsa Hallberg Adu


My research turns towards the future as I research youth in Ghana and beyond, student migration, integration, knowledge societies, social media in the classroom, social media in African elections, uses of augmented reality, and recent publications have been on the important issue of decolonizing the academy. At the department, I teach African studies, spring 2023 two courses: A2 Africa in the 2000s and A3 African Cultural Expressions.

My dissertation was on migration aspirations among university students in Ghana and findings pointed to an education culture, more than a migration culture with plans of returning. My informants kept closely in touch with friends and family overseas and also shared reservations about the migration option and cited racism and different religious morals abroad. 

Before joining UU, I was a project coordinator for international and regional projects at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, a postdoc at the Nordic Africa Institute 2019-2021, and before that, I taught for 10 years at Ashesi University in Ghana. I am the co-founder of BloggingGhana.org, the first and biggest organization for social media influencers and enthusiasts in Ghana, and a Senior Adviser at the Sweden-based think tank Global Challenge. I hold a Ph.D. degree in African Studies (University of Ghana) and a Master's degree in Political Science (Uppsala University, Sweden).


Last modified: 2023-11-28