Welcome Jecinta!


We welcome Jecinta Okumu to the department, one of the new coordinators at Uppsala University's Forum for Africa Studies.

My name is Jecinta Okumu, and currently, I work as a research co-ordinator for the forum for Africa Studies where I  together with the team plan for and administrate the forums activities.

I hold a PHD in medical sociology from Northumbria University, Newcastle UK, which focused on young people living with HIV/AIDS and issues around adherence and identity as they transition into adulthood. I also hold a M.SC in Sustainable development from Uppsala University and diploma in HR from Kenya institute of management. My research combines sustainable development practices in promoting good health especially for people living with chronic illnesses; young people and identity, sexuality, sexual and reproductive health identity issues globalization, migration and their implications to good health; issues of ethics and qualitative research methodologies in general.


Last modified: 2023-11-28