Meet the Coordination-team of Uppsala University’s Forum for Africa Studies


The Forum for Africa Studies has recruited new staff for carrying out the important mission of this interdisciplinary centre. Dr. Kajsa Hallberg Adu and Dr. Jecinta Okumu are our newest colleagues who will add energy and power to Forum's mission of engaging higher education and research in, on, and with Africa. 

Forum's Director Prof. Sten Hagberg and Project Coordinator Dr. Oulia Makkonen are also on the picture.

Contact information to the coordinating team.

Picture of the coordinators of the Forum for African Studies surrounded by greenery.
Forum for African Studies coordination team in 2023: Jecinta Okumu,
Oulia Makkonen, Kajsa Hallberg Adu and Sten Hagberg.


Last modified: 2023-11-28