Inna Shvorak- guest researcher from Ukraine


We are very happy to announce that from August 1st and five months onward, Inna Shvorak will be with us as a guest reseracher at the department! Inna is an ethnomusicologist and a folk singer from Ukraine, and has recieved a scholarship from Uppsala University's vice-chancellor to visit us. Click to open this news and read more about Inna and her research. 

I am an ethnomusicologist and a folk singer, researching rituals in the rural culture of Ukraine. In 2021, I defended my PhD, titled "Mythological structures in the traditional wedding ceremony of Western Volhynia." The thesis tackles the binary oppositions of the worldview of traditional society through the prism of the wedding ritual. The folklore base primarily consists of recording from my own expeditions, conducted between 2011 and 2015. During these expeditions, I visited various villages and had the privilege of interacting with the older generation, who graciously shared their fascinating accounts of traditional marriage customs and practices, providing me with valuable insights into the ways in which they and their ancestors used to enter into matrimony.

In my current research, I am studying new rituals in the current militarized society of Ukraine since 2014, which arise both in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and in civilian life.

Key words: traditional culture, mythological structures, ritual, militarized society


Last modified: 2023-11-28