How does migration sound? Owe Ronström och Dan Lundberg


New book! How does migration sound? What significance does music have for migrants - and for those who already live in the country? How does music affect integration and community building?

Such issues are discussed by a group of Nordic music ethnologists in the book Sounds of Migration. Out now!

The book Sounds of Migration with a picture of a crossroads at sunriseIn recent years, we have seen a renewed interest in the study of music and migration in the Nordic countries, following from the extensive migration waves in recent decades and the increasingly charged political discourse on refugees and integration. Many of these studies focus on the role of music as a collective emblem, a social catalyst and a unifying force for people in vulnerable situations. In April 2019, Nordic ethnomusicologists gathered in Stockholm to discuss how experiences and knowledge from previous studies could enrich today's research. This book is the result of this meeting.
The book is available at Adlibris


Last modified: 2023-08-02