NEW BOOK (in Swedish): Megaprojects: Critical perspectives on large-scale infrastructures


The Swedish Society for Anthropology and Geography (SSAG) publishes a yearbook in Swedish called Ymer. Gabriella Körling (Stockholm University) and Susann Baez Ullberg at this department are the editor of this year's edition, which deals with megaprojects.

Book cover: Title text in black in yellow rectangle and a hydroelectric power plant in the backgroundLarge-scale infrastructure is being built all over the world like never before. Road systems, ports, high-speed trains, economic zones, and telecommunications systems are being built, just to name a few.

In Ymer 2021, megaprojects are explored in different parts of the world. The authors are cultural and social anthropologists, cultural geographers and political scientists who, from their respective perspectives, show that megaprojects are characterized by politics and that power relations are central to their design, creation and social effects. The chapters delve into issues related to political decision-making, expertise and influence on local communities and also problematize assumptions about scale, time and space.

In the book, Susann Baez Ullberg has a chapter on the temporality of megaprojects based on fieldwork in Peru. Elisa López, who is a doctoral student at the department, has written a chapter based on her doctoral dissertation on urban transformation in Kiruna, Sweden.

The book is available for download and for purchase through SSAG. 


Last modified: 2023-11-28