Summer School: Anthropology of Development & Social Dynamics


Between Wednesday 15 Sept. and Friday 17 Sept. 2021, the 13th European Summer School for the Anthropology of Development and Social Dynamics will be hosted by the Dept. of Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology, and the Forum for Africa Studies at Uppsala University.

Collage with participants from earlier Summer School

The Summer School is run by a well-established research Francophone/English-speaking network that started in 1997. So far, more than 200 PhD Students have presented their research at this Summer School. Discussions are truly bilingual with a constant mix of French and English, thereby offering encounters of different academic traditions and cultures, while focusing the anthropological study of social change. 

A strong emphasis of the Summer School is on ethnographic field research. Many projects - but far from all - are carried out on the African continent. And in addition to students from the participating European countries, many PhD Students presenting at the Summer School are from African countries. 

This year's Summer School will bring together 35 anthropologists from Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, UK, and Sweden to engage with PhD Students' research, and discuss methodological and theoretical issues. Having been postponed from May to September 2021, the 13th European Summer School for  the Anthropology of Development and Social Dynamics will take place IRL but as a corona secured event!


Last modified: 2023-11-28