Birgitta Meurling. Behind the mask: The metamorphoses of the mouth masks during the corona pandemic.


Birgitta has contributed with a text that reflects on the pandemic in the journal Kulturella perspektiv. The text takes the reader through the mouth masks being or not being from medical argument to humor.

Bakom masken: Munskyddets meningsmetamorfoser under coronapandemin (eng. "Behind the Mask: The Meteorological Meaning Metamorphoses during the Corona Pandemic"; Kulturella Perspektiv 2021, vol. 30. Tema: Pandemins konsekvenser, s.  1–3).

Birgitta Meurling

Kulturella Perspektiv – A swedish etnologisk tidskrift and Open Access peer-reviewed journal that publishes research in Ethnology and related disciplines. The journal’s ambition is to promote ethnological research and make its relevance visible for a broader readership. 


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