Välkommen Marcelo


Vi hälsar institutionens nya doktorand Marcelo Pacheco varmt välkommen! Marcelos forskning kommer handla om migrantion från bolivianska höglandet till La Paz och kretsa kring  psykosociala dynamiker kopplat till klimatförändringar. 

I am Marcelo Pablo Pacheco Camacho and I join the Department of Cultural Anthropology at Uppsala University through the ASDI Doctorate Scholarship (Swedish Cooperation to Bolivia) between the International Science Programme (ISP) and DIPGIS, the research unit of Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, in La Paz. I am also part of the Psychology Department at UMSA, working for its Institute of Research, Interaction and Graduate Studies. My research at Uppsala will be carried out with migrants from the Bolivian highlands, belonging specifically to Batallas and Tiwanaku populations that currently live in La Paz, in the context of climate change psychosocial dynamics. I am seeking for ways to build and restore mental health, individual resilience and specially to find mechanisms that would enable Human Agency to cancel out thought-process precariousness and generate value for life projects. My interests also include Peacebuilding, Cognitive Anthropology, Community Psychology and how Culture influences our sense of self within a Neuroanthropological perspective.


Senast uppdaterad: 2023-11-28