Co-Existence and Belonging in Times of Unrest, Social Change and Existential Uncertainties

Resources and power distribute unevenly in the fast-changing, global age we live in. Global challenges have local consequences and affect how people manage to co-exist in times of polarization. Within this research theme, the department's researchers work on societal anxieties and conflict, as well as place-making and post-conflict challenges; with ethnographic focuses that unfold across borders and boundaries which are physical and political as well as imagined and socio-cultural. Researchers at the department work with questions of urbanity and rurality and their in-betweens, in local comparisons and thematically, in cross-comparisons between projects and localities involved. At the present, examples of case studies investigate everyday life in small-town Sweden, cross-border life in Kazakhstan, communal co-existence in post-conflict Belfast, and postwar developments in urbanizing northern Uganda.


Last modified: 2023-04-05