Research Seminar in Cultural Anthropology & Ethnology

Schedule/Schema, fall 2017

Day and time: Wednesdays at 14.15-16.00 (if not otherwise stated)
Venue: Uppsala: 3-2028; Visby: B10
Video conference: Facilities available for all seminars
Language(s): Swedish or English; follows the program
Texts: Texts to be discussion is to be circulated one week before the seminar; the texts should be sent to the two seminar organizer
Seminar Organizers: Ella Johansson ( and Don Kulick (
Post seminar: Organized by the presenter/s

September 6
Carina Johansson, in Swedish: Sommarliv och byggnadsinventeringar. 

September 20
Cancelled due to Anthropology-event.

Friday September 22 at 10:25-12:00, room 3-2028+B10
Anna Baral: Final seminar. Chair: Sverker Finnström; Discussant: Tova Höjdestrand, LU.

September 27
Loretto Villalobos: 60% seminar. Chair Ingeborg Svensson; Discussant Katarzyna Wolanik Boström.

October 4
Oscar Pripp (possibly with guests): Text from a Research project about music. 
October 18
Camilla Asplund Ingemark “Researching Disasters in a Nordic Context".
Tuesaday October 31
“Hilarity of the Awful”. Symposium with separate program, premises and invitation. Read more at the Engaging Vulnerability website:

November 8 
Sofia Jonsson, in Swedish: Manuscript for article based on dissertation-project: Abortion/anti-abortion.
November 22
Nika Rasmussen: Part of dissertation.
December 12
Molly Sundberg: ”Solving the ‘Paris Paradoxes’? Local Staff in Foreign Aid”.

December 16
Saturday: Karin Aras: Defence of Dissertation. Room to be announced.
January 10
All day kick-off

January 17
Swami N. Swaminathan: “Digital urbanism of the future: People as data mines”. 

January 25
Göran Nygren: Final seminar 

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